Life-eXperience Value Co-Creation

Interactional Creation of Value with a PIE X lens

Peter Senge

“Few thinkers have sensed and shaped emerging trends in strategy more successfully than C. K. Prahalad. Yet, ideas like ‘strategic intent’ and ‘core competencies’ may prove to be precursors to his most important contribution, in collaboration with Venkat Ramaswamy--rethinking the nature of competition itself in the age of global networks.

The shift in power from businesses that determine what customers need and then manipulate demand to meet their offerings to networks of customers and producers who jointly create value may be the defining shift in market structure in the first part of the twenty-first century.

As usual, C. K. Prahalad, along with co-author Venkat Ramaswamy, has gotten there first and offered the first guide for navigating the ‘decentered’ value creation processes of the future.”

Peter Senge
Founding Chair of the Society for Organizational Learning,
Senior Lecturer, Leadership and Sustainability, MIT
The Fifth Discipline