Life X-verse Co-Creation

India Philanthropic Initiative 2017 - Co-Creation in Societal Development

U-sentric Design Summit 2017 - Co-Creation

Driving Business Value via Co-Creation

Moving from Layered Interaction to Continuous Interaction

Configuring Better Experiences

Co-Creation Platforms are Not Just Technology

Consumer Experiences Critical to Co-Creation

Co-Creation Means Letting Go of Fixed Roles

Creating Value via Effective Participation

Digital Platforms to Harness Creativity and Create Value

Internet Evolution: E-commerce to Web 2.0 to Co-Creation

Global Drucker Forum 2013

Participation in the 5th Global Peter Drucker Forum, Vienna, on Managing Complexity.


Special thanks to Richard Straub.
richard straub


Palladium Global Summit 2013 - Embracing Co-Creation for Innovation and Value Creation

Palladium Webinar on Co-Creation

Co-Creation and Strategic Risk Management

POSLinks Co-Creation

Mahindra Rise through Co-Creation

Opening address by H. D. Aher, Vice-President Operations, at the NEC Ambad event on November 28, 2011:

Naveen Chopra, Head of Quality, Mahindra:

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Wharton: Innovation through Co-Creation

HSM Brazil - Co-Creating the Future with a Homage to the late C. K. Prahalad

Keynote at the HSM Forum, Sao Paulo, Brazil, with a special homage to the late C. K. Prahalad.


Special thanks to Jose Salibi, HSM.

Thanks to Mathias Mangels, Andre Coutinho, Fanny Schwartz, and the rest of the Symnetics and Tantum teams.


Innovation: Co-Creation Challenges

Innovation: Get Started With Co-Creation

Innovation: Benefits of Co-Creation

Innovation: Platforms of Co-Creation

Innovation: Application of Co-Creation

Innovation: Two Types of Co-Creation

Innovation: What is Co-Creation?

Globsyn Talk

Penny for your Thoughts - Venkat Ramaswamy on Creative Interactions and Experience Innovation

Infosys Campus Launch of The Power of Co-Creation, Bangalore, India

Internal launch event at Infosys campus, Bangalore.
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The Power of Co-Creation book - Simon & Schuster Free Press Video


Simon & Schuster Free Press Video on The Power of Co-Creation.


Deloitte France: Co-Creation

CIO Executive Summit - Evanta

CNBC TV Series on the Future of Competition

Eight episode TV series, together with C. K. Prahalad, and anchor Ashu Dutt, based on The Future of Competition (HBS Press, 2004).
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Thanks to Subha Chatterjee.

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