Ross MKT-T&O 632: Digitalized Societal Ecosystems of Impact Co-Creation

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This course is situated at the intersection of digitalized society and the ecosystems in which enterprises operate, or Digitalized Societal Ecosystems (DSEs). Its central theme is impact innovation and value co-creational experiences in DSEs, through digitalized interactive platforms. We will discuss multi-stakeholder engagement across the private, public, and plural sectors for generating positive impact on wealth-welfare-wellbeing, at scale, scope, and speed, sustainably. Several case examples will explore concepts and challenges spanning businesses, governments, civil society, and the communities in which enterprises operate. Students interested in a deeper understanding of co-creation through digitalized interactive platforms within and across enterprise value chains can also take the (3 credits) MKT-STRAT 624 “Platforms of Value Co-Creation” course.

_632. Syllabus Figure