Ross MKT-STRAT 624: Platforms of Interactive Value Creation

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Interactions are the new locus of creation of value, propelled by Internetworking and the forces of digitalization, ubiquitous connectivity, globalization, and social media. The future of value creation lies in interactional creation of valuable experienced outcomes through digitalized interactive platforms [DIPs] in ecosystems of resourced capabilities. The goal of this course is to expose you to an “all win more” co-creation paradigm of value creation through DIPs, going beyond goods and services to experiences, and beyond the knowledge-skill base of enterprises to actor-networks that include customers, employees, partners, and other stakeholders. The practice of value co-creation and its management implications will be discussed through various examples. Students interested in societal impact across the private, public, and plural sectors concerning ecosystems of sustainable innovation and value creation can also take the (1.5 credits) MKT-T&O 632 “Digitalized Societal Ecosystems” course.

_624. Syllabus Figure